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Ageing, wellness & beyond…

Ivory transforms the ageing experience by nurturing sharper minds and healthier living. We help in early detection of neurodegenerative risks and provide personalised brain health solutions.

We do this through:

Our Advisors

Dr. Paul Nussbaum


> Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery –  University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

> President, Brain Health Center

> Chief Medical Officer – RC21X

> Former Chief Scientific Officer FitMinds

Dr. Sumiti Saharan

Ph.D (Queensland Brain Insititute) and M.S. Neuroscience (TIFR)

> Neuroscientist with 15+ years experience in neurodegenerative disorders and dementia research

> Led conceptualisation and design of 10+ digital health solutions globally aimed at solving critical health challenges.

> Skills: Digital Health, Product Design and Innovation, Scientific Thinking

Jwala Narayanan

MA Clinical Psychology, M.Sc Neuropsychology, UK

> Consultant Neuropsychologist, the Cognitive Neurology Clinic & Annaswamy Mudaliar Hospital

> Inceptor – Cogworks, an enrich program to encourage healthy ageing and manage dementia

> Research interest: Healthy Ageing; Cognitive Reserve; Preventing and Managing Dementia

Founding Team

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