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brain slowing down

with age?

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Ivory for brain health

Decade by decade, your brain function declines as you age.

An estimated 15% of people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) slip into dementia.

Introducing Ivory

Understand your brain health

Neuroscience-backed brain health screenings & assessments

Daily brain workouts

Play clinically validated games that keep your mind sharp​
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Personalized health solutions

Customized plans by expert clinicians & trainers
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Why prioritise your brain health?

#1 cause of health loss

15% of global health loss is attributed to brain health decline

Growing risk of dementia

30 million Indians have mild cognitive impairment

Critical illness prevention

Better brain health reduces risk of stroke & dementia

Key to live longer

A healthy brain fosters longevity and self-reliant ageing

Know more about Ivory

What does Ivory do?

Ivory detects neurodegenerative risks early and offers personalized brain health solutions through neuro-science backed assessments and interactive games.

The Cognitive Age Test measures your brain’s age, providing insights into your brain health. Sign up for early access to get to know your cognitive age.

Ivory’s app will be launching soon on PlayStore and App Store. Get early access by completing our Cognitive Age test

Yes, our games are curated by leading cognitive gaming companies and validated by clinical neuropsychologists, ensuring scientific credibility.
Yes, Ivory offers comprehensive brain health care, including expert consultations, physical well-being, nutrition, and stress management, in addition to games.

Incorporate Ivory into your daily routine, especially if you are above 45. Stay mentally active daily, repeat assessments every six months, and test your brain health daily on Ivory.

Yes, Ivory collaborates with neurology and neuropsychology experts who guide us on content and healthcare delivery.

Please drop in the required details on this link and we’ll shortly get in touch.

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