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Ageing, wellness & beyond…

Ivory for better brain health

Ivory transforms the ageing experience by nurturing sharper minds and healthier living. We help in early detection of neurodegenerative risks and provide personalised brain health solutions.

We do this through neuroscience backed  assessments, interactive games and personalised recommendations.

Ivory for better brain health

Our Advisors

Dr. Paul Nussbaum


> Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery –  University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

> President, Brain Health Center

> Chief Medical Officer – RC21X

> Former Chief Scientific Officer FitMinds

Dr. Sumiti Saharan

Ph.D (Queensland Brain Insititute) and M.S. Neuroscience (TIFR)

> Neuroscientist with 15+ years experience in neurodegenerative disorders and dementia research

> Led conceptualisation and design of 10+ digital health solutions globally aimed at solving critical health challenges.

> Skills: Digital Health, Product Design and Innovation, Scientific Thinking

Jwala Narayanan

MA Clinical Psychology, M.Sc Neuropsychology, UK

> Consultant Neuropsychologist, the Cognitive Neurology Clinic & Annaswamy Mudaliar Hospital

> Inceptor – Cogworks, an enrich program to encourage healthy ageing and manage dementia

> Research interest: Healthy Ageing; Cognitive Reserve; Preventing and Managing Dementia

Founding Team

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