Curious about your brain's age?

Take our Cognitive Age test to see if your brain is keeping up with your body’s age.

About the
Cognitive Age test

  • Powered by CogniFit, developed by experts with years of experience in neuroscience.
  • Determined by evaluating memory, attention, problem-solving and over 150 other variables.
  • Benchmarked against people of your same age and gender.

What does the test tell about your brain?​

How are you evaluated on the test?​

Play engaging mobile games that test your cognitive skills

Compare your scores with people of your age and gender

Get a snapshot of your brain's strengths and weaknesses

Get a precise Cognitive Age score that tells you your brain’s age

Frequently asked questions

Is this test for me?

Yes, it is! We especially recommend it if you’re over 45 and curious about your cognitive age.

Cognitive skills are like the superheroes of your brain. They help you think, learn, and remember—cornerstones to living your best life.

The cognitive age is a starting point for understanding your brain health. The test is free and lets you see how your brain’s cognitive age is compared to your body.

Your score is benchmarked against other people of your age and gender. Additionally, we indicate if your score is above or below acceptable ranges. Post-test completion, you also get a detailed breakdown of your score across 23 distinct cognitive skills.

Consider this as a friendly brain checkup. If your cognitive age seems higher than your real age, there’s no need to worry. Ivory is here to support you and will set up a call to discuss your results, ensuring you have personalized guidance on your cognitive health journey.

Researchers worldwide give it a thumbs up for accuracy and reliability. You can trust the scientific validation of the test designed by CogniFit.

Understand your Cognitive Age score and focus on brain training. Target those weaknesses and maintain strengths for a real brain health glow-up.

Upon completing the test, you get 15 days of Premium access to the Ivory app. Our app offers personalized daily brain workouts with neuroscience-backed assessments and interactive games.

Additionally, stay updated on the latest research and receive valuable tips for brain health and active ageing by visiting our website at 🌟